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The Change of the Past; Reliance of the Future

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For too long there has been a thorn in my foot,

a label on my forehead,

a stagnancy in my life.

The cobwebs clear now.

I am terrified.


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Pick a Vein, Any Vein

She runs out of the store
weapon of choice in hand.

She was no longer being chased
by the fear of the stress of the night.

Now that she had her heart’s desire
everything was going to be okay.

She is now urgently consuming it
until her brain was bleached of its humanity
as it hurts to think of the alternative.


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Via Pinterest

you make me feel

like the dew

on a window

that you trace away

to see the morning sun


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All rights reserved by louisahennessysuɹoɥƃuıʞıʌ

please get out of my head–head i wish that it was already dead–dead my hair is sloppy and bleeding–and bleeding my heartaches are already feeding–and feeding terror begins at the waist–the waist carvings start at the face–the face paint me a picture of you–of you rapture scented depth of two–of two two to eventually be one–one? is this race already run?

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