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My First Time

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Got your attention, eh?

Yesterday was my first time to ever hardboil eggs. I don’t know why I skipped out on this rite of passage.

I think I’ve had an irrational fear of stoves and cooking since I was small. I know I had/have an irrational fear of eating, so that probably contributes.

For some reason, I’ve always been afraid that I’d “do it wrong”. Like you can hardboil eggs incorrectly. I mean, the only egg that I wouldn’t eat would be one that was still pretty much raw. I eat sunny side up, poached with liquidy centers, and fried in bacon grease.

Also, do you all know about the majesty that is Sunflower Market? We finally got one in our town. On Wednesday, I went to ours for the first time. Twice.

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Basically, it is the southwest’s answer to Whole Foods. I mean, we also have one of those too (interestingly enough, right down the street from Sunflower Market and an Akin’s) but much much cheaper. I went yesterday with H and his roommate. They were having such a delightful sale on, well, pretty much everything.

I also acquired some Maranatha peanut butter, which is seriously thestrangest peanut butter I’ve ever had. It is like a peanut butter spread almost, almost tasting artificial or something. I mean, I’ve been eating Maranatha’s almond butter by the bucketfull for my entire bulk and this is my first time switching back to peanut butter. It still was delicious in my Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast protein shake this morning.

Oh, shoot, its 10:55. Work in 5 minutes and I’m still at my house.

I wish I could apparate.




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