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The Unintentional and Redemptive Powers of Brass Knuckles

My character's brass knuckles are actually machined into her arm, but these are just too gorgeous not to share.

Via Pinterest

Finally, I  get a chance to sit down and write. Lately, it all that’s been happening to me has been “go, go, go!”

Plus, I’ve had some unfortunate circumstances that have prevented me from even touching a computer. This is the fact that my computer is off in Apple-land, hopefully where the spirit of Steve Jobs is restoring new life into my recent acquisition of a $1900 metallic paperweight. Yes, my baby, my pride and joy, has been officially romped.

What started as a misfiring switch in regard to my  sleep settings has now yielded me with a full start-up disk and a reluctance to restore from a back up, in addition to the aforementioned problem. That and possessing no hard copies of either operating system, Lion or Snow Leopard, has lead to me being royally stuck.

The other big news that happened recently is that I have reunited with my bros again– my Dungeons and Dragons bros, that is.

Due to some unfortunate past dramas, I have not played a tabletop game in  over a year. This was fixed this past Sunday, where we tried a new D20 system called Savage Worlds, which is more open ended possessing flexible rules. We still played with a board, but it was nothing as strategic as 4th edition of DnD.  Despite the system being set in the current or future era, we put our campaign in the past.

And despite it being in an older time, I played a 7 foot tall 3/4 femborg.

My party members included a Martian crocodile, a sand person, aqualad, and a half-elf, half-orc healer. I got to play a striker-fighter class, with having the option of having brass knuckles installed on my fists permanently in such fighting occasions.

“You enter the dungeon to see five guards. What do you do?”

“Kill them.”

“Yeah, let’s kill them.”

“They are so dead.”

“Alright let’s get combat order. A, you’re up.”

“I run up to the second tallest guard, symultaneously pulling out the pole-arm I stole from the guy in the other room in my left hand. I then stab him in the stomach, using the impliment to pull him closer with the blade, then uppercut him with my right arm with my brass knuckles activated.”


“Dude, that’s sick.”

A roll of the dice later, and this particular guard, besides being dead, no longer possessed a head attached to his body.

Playing tabletops are cathartic, especially as my beau told me just the other day that our generation is probably the poster child for closet sociopath tendencies. I can believe it.

Especially since the only thing I’ve been imagining lately is throwing my computer against the wall. Thank God Apple’s got it, otherwise this might have been a reality.



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