Why I Quit Pinterest

Pinterest-where good ideas go to Purgatory.

Pinterest is a great idea. A visually stunning and easy-t0-navigate way of holding all your bookmarks in the same place? The inventors of the site are ingenious.

However, they are also ingenious for another way: Pinterest is detrimental to your life.

Whoa, whoa, you say, Isn’t that a little extreme? I mean, I enjoy just looking. And look at all the neat projects I can do!

Question: How many of those recipes, workouts, projects, and crafts do you actually do? Be honest.

Oh, no, I do not judge you, anonymous internet person who is most likely a girl. I used to be that too. An idea hoarder.

However, think about how much time people waste on there. And, let’s just face it, if you really really really liked the project that much, you’d bookmark it or copy the url and actually do it.

Once I realized that Pinterest is where nifty ideas merely simmer on medium heat and nobody actually changes from anything they do on there, I was gone.

I was an idea packrat. And that’s what Pinterest is.

In healthy does, of course, it’s fine. If you do it to relax, great. But whenever you–and I will be the first to admit I was guilty of this–get excited every time you get a new email from someone saying they follow all your Pinboards? Yikes.

What a terrible substitute for actual achievement.


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