Thoughts from a Former Paleoite

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Let me first say how inefficient it is to bulk on Paleo. I figure most of you understand that inherent with in the “squatz’n’oatz” lifting meme is a ring of truth.

I did Paleo for about a month and some change. It wasn’t due to a lack of will power for the reason I canned the program. I could do it very easily if I didn’t feel absolutely terrible.

Please keep in mind, I hardly eat bread as I typically don’t like the taste and texture. My grains are the whole variety, stemming from raw cereals, granola and the like.

So when I cut even that small bit I was doing out, I had the carb flu. That was to be expected, r/Paleo warned me of this.

I ended up having the carb flu for a month and a half.

Now there comes a point that whenever you are “doing the best thing for yourself” physically does not intersect with your mental health. Yes, I’ve read the studies that say grains can be poisonous and yes, I’ve read, too, that article arguing that Celiac’s is merely a more extreme case of what everyone goes through on a daily basis when they eat grains. However, I felt like whenever I wasn’t eating any grains, my quality of life went down due to how sick I felt.

The purpose of being more healthy, at least in my mind, is so that one’s quality of life increases due to choices that put you in better health.

In graph terms, while my physical health may have increased a couple percentage points, to me, it wasn’t worth the steep decrease of other aspects of my physicality as well as my mental state. Net gains were in the negative.

That being said, I like creative uses of non-bread items. Portabello mushroom burgers? Totally. A sandwich made with fried egg “buns”? Where have you been all my life? Also the fact that Paleo saved my life when I went to New Orleans because without the strict rules, I probably would have just consumed everything breaded and deep fried.

In conclusion, I am going to continue to research the best carb/protein/fat ratio that makes me feel the best, and keep on using it until goals are met. Paleo was a nice experiment and I’m glad it works for others, but–today’s squatz day.

I had oatz.

Life’s grand when you feed your body right.



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3 responses to “Thoughts from a Former Paleoite

  1. I like the plan of what feels the best. Gluten makes me nasty bloated and ill but I adore pasta, fried stuff, and burgers. I cannot really eat any of this and stay in good health. When I return from Italy I am dropping sugar and alcohol for awhile as well. I am not going to jettison rice yet as I do not want a total carb flu. I would love to know what you are eating that you enjoy most

    • I’ve dropped alcohol as well, in addition to white refined sugar. I do observe the 80/20 in regard to diet (eat well 80% of the time and the other 20% doesn’t matter).

      Right now, due to a lack of groceries, my diet has been depressingly unvaried. I realized last night I eat a lot of dairy, and I should incorporate more greens, meat, and variety in my diet.

      I love eating meat. I could never be a vegetarian. Never ever ever. Most vegetables and eggs I enjoy as well.

      Yeah, I’d still maintain a slight intake of grains, although it takes a day or to “detox” from the no grains so you’d be safe if there were days where you didn’t consume at all, I’d imagine.

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