Stuffed Crust


For starters, it is only barely ten A.M. and I would shove this pizza in my face. As much as I love traditional breakfast food, I would and could eat just about anything for breakfast. And believe me, I have. Leftover chimichanga? Probably not my best decision, but that didn’t stop me.

Unfortunately, my previously iron stomach has been simply eating itself  lately as I’ve been having to take two to three servings of Tums per day, typically after meals. Okay, I definitely derailed my train of thought there. I don’t just post about stuffed crust pizza in my blog, regardless of how delicious it looks.

I just wanted to let the world know about a brand new use of the word “stuffed crust.”

Stuffed crust is the word H and I use for our aesthetics in a certain department–specifically legs. Examine the picture again.

Now think of veiny, muscle laden legs with a smidge of padding on them from your post-bulk season. Similarities?

Murdertown just stuffs my crust. Yesterday was the beginning of our “3” week from 5/3/1 model and, more specifically, front squats. The ball joints in my hips will probably never be the same from this.

Besides our FS, on our workout plate we had presses, dumbbell rows, shoulder presses, and sit ups.

Unfortunately for my workout, I had a serious difficulty getting out of my own head until about the last set of my dumbbell rows.  This is due to the fact that there was some resolution to some ex-boyfriend drama and I’m still quite unsure about how I feel about the whole situation. I had been harboring this dead weight of guilt for how things turned out for so long that I didn’t know how to manage with that burden gone…therefore my generalized anxiety got pretty cranked.

But you know what? It is going to be okay.

I have to remember that.

Also, regular squats on Wednesday (tomorrow). My legs will go from stuffed crust to stuffed cheesy bread. You know the monstrous creation. Domino’s developed it, essentially guaranteeing that one could overdose with cheese.

Overdose on squats? Yes please.



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5 responses to “Stuffed Crust

  1. Let’s not forget the newly-minted hot dog-filled crust Pizza Hut is rolling out! They’re the problem, NOT the solution. Thank you for the post!

  2. Great post! That photo literally stopped me dead in my tracks. With half an hour to go to a lunch meeting that may or may not be the death of me, all I want to do is nom on a piece of pizza.

    I totally is going to be okay, 100%. Keep us posted on the rest of your program – it sounds intense! Keep rocking!!

  3. Man, your legs are going to burn. Out of all the exercises in the world, I despise working the legs out. When my legs get tired I want to literally quit working out forever and go back to beer and pizza 24/7. But keep up the good work. I will look at this picture before I workout tomorrow to get some motivation. ha!

    • See, leg days are my favorite! I am pretty much genetically predisposed to just have massive, monster athletic legs (my mom played basketball and softball for years). I used to hate my legs, but now I just love how meaty and strong they work.

      My workout muscle group like your legs day is that for benching and pressing. I suppose that’s shoulders/chest. My arms are definitely the weakest part of me. Those are my “screw this, give me cake workout days.”

      And do it! Visualization is so important for lifting! I hope you remember that you want the stuffed crust being your legs…not inside your stomach. 😀 Thanks for the good insights, as always.

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