Recipe of the Week: Cottage Cheese and Spinach Egg Scramble

I promise I eat things besides eggs.

No, really, I do.

It’s just they are so cheap, delicious, and laden with the protein that my body craves all the time, I eat an overabundance of them. Lately, though, I’ve been on a cottage cheese kick. I ate so much this week and I am not being hyperbolic either. The tub I bought from Sam’s says 3 lbs and it is now sitting washed and empty in my Tupperware cupboard.

Plus, I had to buy some more.

Therefore, when I found a recipe on Pinterest for a trifecta of all things protein laden and glorious, I had to try it out.

This is pre-hot sauce, obviously.

It sounds utterly bizarre to include cottage cheese and spinach in scrambled eggs, but it turned out fairly well. I crumbled some Cabot’s Sharp Vermont Cheddar Cheese, which is my favorite cheese on the planet, into the mix as well to give it an extra bite.

So, did this recipe get “egg” on its face? Did I count my chickens in thinking this would be a good, simple recipe to try?

This was delicious and simple, however, I realized I’m not a scrambled egg person. To me, there is only one person on this wobbling rock in space that can make good scrambled eggs and that’s my Nana. (I think her secret ingredient is a lot of bacon grease. But, hey, not complaining!) Overall, I like my eggs with ooey, gooey middles that you can mix in with your hash browns. The “egg juice” is really the best part of an egg.

However, if you like yours scrambled light and fluffy and in such a way that will remind you of the consistency of a quiche without the breading, you will lay an egg over this recipe.

If you’re interested in not chickening out and giving this recipe a go, saunter this way.




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5 responses to “Recipe of the Week: Cottage Cheese and Spinach Egg Scramble

  1. I’m an egg lover too – with the runny insides. 😀 This recipe looks yummy.

  2. Hey, thanks for the follow on my blog. I love eggs and cottage cheese so you went straight to my heart with this work. Cheers and I look forward to more.

  3. elizaquinzet

    This made me hungry. I definitely want to try this!

  4. elizaquinzet

    This looks so good. I can’t wait to try it!

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