Dreaming Deeply

This is me.

And lately, I have been obsessed with setting goals. Perhaps since I feel like 2012 is going to be such a good, healing year for me, getting started contemplating my goals (and especially writing them down) will help me on my way to success. I have already met one goal so far this year: be able to regain some normalcy in regards to my body image and self worth.

The rest of my goals are much more future focused. Obviously, you see from the picture above that my highest goal right now is to be the general editor for the Norton Anthologies. Encompassed within this big umbrella goal are the steps to this such as acquiring Masters degree, Doctorate, teaching English at a university, developing a school of critical theory, writing a book or five.

I also wish to change and enrich the lives of others through what I do. The last thing I want is for what I accomplish to  not help others or for my work to only help in an academia vacuum.

A friend once told me that he read that a definition of hell is you now meeting the person you could have been if you had only tried harder. I believe it.

That’s not happening to me.




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4 responses to “Dreaming Deeply

  1. I believe you may do this. In fact, I think you will. My late great mom Dottie led me by my hand to The Capitol Hill Library where I learned to Love to read. I think you are gifted and you are certainly inspirational. Keep me abreast of what’s happening, if you would be so kind. My best wishes to you!
    Marc Marrs

    • Thank you for your kind words! I think I have what it takes. Before I started doing some deep introspection, I was worried that I wasn’t good enough for, well, just about everything.

      Now, I think that smarts and talent only make up for a small fraction of the equation. The rest of it relies on setting goals and not deviating from them.


  2. You have some great goals! I really like that you do not think of English as something only done in the vacuum of academia. Often people, even English majors, fail to see any relevance to English studies for the real world.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, no kidding. I’m around so many people every day who just…don’t get it, if you know what I mean? English as a discipline is as relevant as you make it. Some people choose to make it stodgy and archaic. That’s their choice to miss out on a rewarding field that could change the rest of their lives.

      Books inspire, man. 🙂

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